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New Orleans in the ’60s


“New Orleans in The Sixties” is an hour-long documentary about the good times and hard times during a pivotal decade in the city’s history.  New Orleans during a snowstorm; Hurricanes Betsy & Camille; President John F. Kennedy during a 1962 visit to the city; Lee Harvey Oswald in N.O.; the first Endymion & Bacchus parades; the Vieux Carre Riverfront Expressway controversy.  Produced and narrated by Peggy Scott Laborde.

Approx. 60 minutes. (DVD only)

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The program includes scenes of the following:  New Orleans during a snowstorm, Hurricanes Betsy and Camille, President John F. Kennedy during a 1962 visit to the city, Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans, the first Endymion and Bacchus parades, and the Vieux Carre Riverfront Expressway controversy.

Find out how the New Orleans Saints football team got its name and get a glimpse of the Beatles at City Park stadium.

This documentary is filled with fascinating interview, home movies, news footage and rare photos.

Narrated and produced by Peggy Scott Laborde.

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