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Holy New Orleans!


A focus on the architecture and history of the city’s churches.  Visit inside some of the city’s most beautiful places of worship.  Exploration of the root of religion in the Crescent City.  Produced and narrated by Peggy Scott Laborde.

Approx. 60 mintues.  (DVD only)

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The architecture and history of the city’s churches are the focus of HOLY NEW ORLEANS!

Sacred treasures along with stories to be treasured are part of this one-hour program that takes you inside some of the city’s most beautiful places of worship.

HOLY NEW ORLEANS! explores the root of religion in the Crescent City.  It profiles such early church leaders as Pere Antoine, the first pastor of St. Louis Cathedral, originally sent to enforce the Spanish Inquisition; Episcopalian Bishop Leonidas Polk, who fought for the Confederacy; and Reverend Theodore Clapp, whose fiery sermons became a popular attraction for visitors.

Discover the beauty of stained glass in New Orleans synagogues and churches.  Learn about churches that have found new uses in the face of declining congregations.

HOLY NEW ORLEANS! is filled with rare photos and fascinating interviews.

The documentary is narrated and produced by Peggy Scott Laborde.


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