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Canal Street: The Great Wide Way


The life and times ofNew   Orleans’ “Main   Street.”  Decorations for special occasions; the street’s movie theaters build as cultural oases during the Depression; streetcars that were removed in 1964; stores along the thoroughfare before the suburban shopping malls.  Produced and narrated by Peggy Scott Laborde.

Approx. 30 minutes.  (DVD only)

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CANAL STREET:  THE GREAT WIDE WAY is a “scrapbook” for natives and a warm introduction to the Crescent City for all others.  The life and times New Orleans’ “Main Street” is the focus of this half-hour documentary, followed by a half-hour discussion of the street’s future.

Memories of Canal Street are still vibrant:  the way the thoroughfare was decorated for Christmas and Mardi Gras; the street’s movie theaters that were built as cultural oases during the Depression; the streetcars that were removed in 1964 but may be coming back; and of course, the stores along the thoroughfare that New Orleanians relied on before the advent of Suburban shopping malls.

CANAL STREET:  THE GREAT WIDE WAY fondly remembers places like Gus Mayer; D.H. Holmes and Kress.   And who can forget the pneumatic tube system at Krauss’s, the Imperial shoe store’s X-ray sizing machine or Mr. Bingle?  They may be distant memories today, but they live forever on CANAL STREET:  THE GREAT WIDE WAY.

The program is produced and hosted by Peggy Scott Laborde.


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