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Bourbon Street: The Neon Strip


A look at the infamous street starting with its noble birth to its more earthy existence today.  Produced and narrated by Peggy Scott Laborde.

Approx. 30 minutes.  (DVD only)

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Bourbon Street, New Orleans.   A street with a regal name and a bit of a reputation stemming from its long history of risque nightclubs, hot and spicy jazz, cool drinks and girls galore!  And whether you find yourself in a residential neighborhood, or the colorful commercial district, there is always a captivating story lurking just beneath the surface.

These stores are profiled in BOURBON STREET:  THE NEON STRIP, a look at the infamous street starting with its noble birth to its more earthy existence today.  Bourbon Street is most famous for the burlesque acts of the 1920s through 1960s featuring entertainers with creative stage names – Lilly Christine, the Cat Girl; Evangeline the Oyster Girl; and Blaze Starr, whose relationship with Governor Earl Long has become the stuff of legends.  Bourbon Street was also home to such jazz greats as cornetists Oscar “Papa” Celestin, playing at the Paddock Lounge, and Sharkey Bonano, over at the Famous Door.  Other entertainers interviewed include Bourbon Street dancer “Jezebel”, former Congresswoman and Bourbon Street resident Lindy Boggs and the late jazz trumpeter Al Hirt.

BOURBON STREET:  THE NEON STRIP is written, produced and directed by Peggy Scott Laborde.



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