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Audubon Park Memories


Recollections of rides on the Swan Boat, gorillas as a campaign promise, rolling down Monkey Hill, climbing on a vintage locomotive and playing ball at the Fly – these and many more memories of Uptown’s favorite green space are explored in Audubon Park Memories.

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The program covers the early years of the park, including the 1884 World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition. Many New Orleanians have photos of themselves taken atop a stuffed bear by photographer Meyer Tischler, who wore a pith helmet and safari garb.

The underwent major improvements in the 1970s. “We’re proud of the fact that the city came together and said, ‘Let’s do this right. Let’s build a world-class zoo.’ And we have the zoo of today,” said Ron Forman, longtime chief executive officer of the Audubon Nature Institute, who is interviewed in the documentary.

Included are interviews with several New Orleans notables, rare photos, film footage and collectibles.

Produced and Narrated by Peggy Scott Laborde. Edited by Larry Roussarie.

DVD Running time: Approximately 60 minutes

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