Plantation Portraits


Destrehan, Houmas House, Madewood, Nottoway, Oak Alley, Tezcuco, Woodland, Magnolia Mound, San Francisco, Laura, Shadows-On-The-Teche, Tescuco.

Written & Produced by: Barbara Sillery

Hosted by: Peggy Scott Laborde

Running time: 1 hour (approx.)


The dance on the river’s edge and preen in the slow motion waters of the bayous still delighting visitors who come calling in a steady stream.

Riding the crest of unparalleled wealth, roughly two-thirds of America’s known millionaires lived along the winding stretch of the great Mississippi River Road during the boom years of cotton and sugar cane.  The planter’s main extravagance was his home, as each gambled on building the biggest and the best.


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