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Of the recently published books by gourmet chefs on home cooking (e.g., Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Home Cooking with Jean-Georges and Rick Tramonto’s Steak with Friends), James Beard Award-winning Louisiana chef John Besh’s latest is easily the most beautiful. This stunning volume is filled with intimate photographs of the Besh family in the kitchen, at the table, and outdoors with friends. Recipes like Risotto of Almost Anything and Whole Roasted Sole with Brown Butter reinforce Besh’s Jamie Oliver-like argument that practical home cooking does not require reliance on processed products. Includes some excellent holiday recipes. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal

Renowned chef and James Beard award-winner John Besh invites us into his home and shows us how we can put good, fresh, healthy food on the table for our families every day.

In My Family Table, the Iron Chef champion makes a case for the importance of home-cooked meals. “If I can help make a difference by cooking simply and sharing what I love to cook, I can possibly help us all use our passions and skills to make our lives better at almost every meal.”

From organizing your kitchen and stocking your pantry to demystifying fish cookery, John Besh shares his favorite recipes he cooks with his family every day. Master recipes Risotto of Almost Anything and Creamy Any Vegetable Soup show you how to make the food without worrying about having the right ingredients or mastering complicated techniques. Filled with mouthwatering photographs of each recipe as well as showing John in his kitchen with his wife and four sons, My Family Table captures the spontaneity, intimacy, and fun of home-cooking and will inspire the nation back to the family table.

Hardcover:  264 pages


Chef John Besh is a Louisiana native son who is dedicated to preserving the culinary riches of the Gulf Coast region.  The James Beard winner was the host of the public television series “Chef John Besh’s New Orleans,” which showcased his unique interpretation of the iconic food of the Crescent City.

Now in his second national public television series Chef Besh brings the ingredients and techniques of Southern Louisiana to the home table.  Shot entirely on location in the kitchen of the bayou home that he shares with his wife Jenifer and their four sons, “Chef John Besh’s Family Table” features mouthwatering dishes for every family occasion.

This video companion to the “Family Table” television series features a selection of Chef Besh’s personal favorites including Creamy Heirloom Tomato Soup, Salt Baked Stripe Bass, Green Beans with Garlic, Easy Pork Grillades with Jalapeno Cheese Grits, Seafood-Stuffed Cabbage and Crème Brulee.  These dishes and the others in the 26-part series are featured in Chef Besh’s second cookbook, “Chef John Besh’s Family Table.”

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